In the new Evonik magazine ELEMENTS, we are conducting an experiment. We’ll present the same kind of science journalism you’re already familiar with from the old ELEMENTS, but now we’ll be putting it into a social, economic, and political context. We will continue to report on the latest research and innovation from Evonik—and we’ll also ask questions about its social relevance. What kind of impact will this innovation have on my life? Who will benefit from it? And where will it be used in the future?

We won’t be the only ones answering these questions. We’ll also be getting input from the experts. In this issue, they will include Professor Ferdi Schüth, the Vice President of the Max Planck Society; Professor Walter Leitner from RWTH Aachen University; and Jens Monsees, the Corporate Vice President Digital Strategy at BMW. They embody expertise, strong opinions, and diversity. And they share our determination to make the world a little bit better day by day through research and innovation.

Apropos the world, Evonik is a German company with headquarters in the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia, but it operates in more than 100 countries throughout the world. We’re interested in all of these countries. In each new issue of ELEMENTS, we will therefore focus on a different “Evonik country” and investigate the diverse relationships between the company, the region, and the people who live there. Our first photo journey will take you to Brazil. Also in this issue, Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann comments on US tax policy and issues a warning against trade wars. Finally, Professor Stephan Rosswog even goes one step further afield. He talks about his decades-long search for gold in outer space.

The new ELEMENTS will be published four times a year, in German and English, in a print version and digitally on the Internet. If after reading this issue you would like to continue receiving ELEMENTS, you can order your free subscription here.

I wish you pleasant and instructive reading, and I look forward to receiving your suggestions and comments at:

Matthias Ruch
Editor in Chief of ELEMENTS

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