Georg Joachim Rheticus

Astronomer and mathematician

Georg Joachim Rheticus (* February 16, 1514 in Feldkirch; † December 4, 1574 in Kaschau) was an astronomer and a mathematician. Rheticus was one of the first scholars to disseminate the heliocentric theory of Nicolaus Copernicus, according to which the sun—in contrast to the Christian doctrine of that era—does not orbit the Earth. He studied with Copernicus, an astronomer and physician, for two years as his sole student, encouraging him to complete his work and publish it. In 1551 Rheticus published the most significant of his own works, the Canon doctrinae triangulorum, which included many trigonometric tables.

Feldkirch: city in Vorarlberg (Austria)
Kaschau: now Košice (Slovakia)
Nikolaus Kopernikus: astronomer, 1473–1543

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