Skin Cream

A basic recipe

Skin creams are basically composed of a combination of water and oil that provides the skin with moisture and regenerates its natural film of fat. An emulsifier is needed so that the two main ingredients can combine in the first place. The molecules of the emulsifier each have a hydrophilic part and a lipophilic part, which bind with the water and the oil respectively. Stabilizers such as xanthan gum ensure that the water and the oil remain inseparable over time. For a long shelf life, the cream also requires preserving agents such as specific alcohols that prevent microbial attack.

Emulsifier: An excipient that enables the formation of an emulsion of liquids that would normally be immiscible
Lipophilic: Having a strong affinity for fats
Hydrophilic: Having a strong affinity
for water
Xanthan gum:A naturally occurring carbohydrate that is also used in the food industry

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