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Human life would be unimaginable without collagen. Demand, mostly for use in medical applications, is growing tremendously. An overview of the facts and data

Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body

The proportion of the total protein mass in the human body is

Demand is growing continuously

Global sales of collagen in billion US$

Most of it is used for nutritional supplements and food, but the highest prices are commanded by collagen for medical applications

Most of the collagen used today comes from animals,…

Worldwide sales volumes in percent, 2017

…but this is a problem for some people

2–4 percent
are allergic to collagen from pigs or cattle

3–10 percent
develop an immune reaction due to animal collagen

8 percent
of the world’s people are vegetarian or vegan

Sources: Greenleaf, QY Research

Photos: Mauritius images/Alamy/nobeastsofierce Science

Illustrations: Maximilian Nertinger



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