Plastic recycling: Facts and figures

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A life without plastics is hard to imagine today. But what should we do with the many millions of tons of used plastic products? The solution is to increase recycling

publication date23TH MARCH 2021


Dumped, incinerated, recycled, in use

Utilization of all plastics produced worldwide between 1950 and 2015 (polymers, resins, synthetic fibers, and additives) in millions of tons

Into the bin
Plastic waste according to country, in millions of tons, 2016
Too good for the landfill
Proportion of recycling or disposal paths of plastic waste worldwide (estimated)
Roland Geyer et al.: “Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made” (2017), Science Advances


22nd March 2021


The plastic cycle

On the path to achieving a true circular economy: Evonik is working on innovative processes in order to reduce plastic waste.


Pathways to the circular economy

Bernhard Bauske and Ingo Sartorius discuss the steps that are needed for the optimal recycling of plastic.

The circular economy

Closing the circle

Lauren Kjeldsen is promoting circularity at Evonik. The ultimate aim is to create a fully functioning circular economy that works without fossil fuels.



Raiders of the lost plastic

Patrick Stenner works on processes that fish microplastics out of waste water. Electrochemistry is the key.

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