High-performance membrane produces valuable gases

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Methane and carbon dioxide are important starting materials for chemical processes. High-performance membranes allow them to be extracted in high purity from biogas, which is available in large quantities

publication date16TH DECEMBER 2022



15th December 2022

The energy transition

Biomethane instead of natural gas

Harmen Dekker from the European Biogas Association on how Europe can become less dependent on energy imports.

High-performance membranes

Ultrapure gases from slurry and manure

The Wipp Valley in the South Tyrol is successfully betting on biogas—partly thanks to Sepuran Green membranes from Evonik.

Interview with Walter Leitner

Power-to-X for sustainable future

Prof. Leitner is investigating innovative methods of storing electricity from renewable sources.

Good question

Green hydrogen from slurry

This is how Professor Victor Hacker produces ultrapure compressed hydrogen efficiently and ensures that it is widely available.

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