High-precision digital printing

A PRECISION LANDING Print head nozzles jet microscopically small droplets of ink onto a decorated surface at high speed and with maximum precision. This computer simulation shows the “direct-toshape” digital printing process from the startup Velox. The process is controlled by software algorithms and dedicated hardware that precisely defines the spot each individual droplet must occupy. Velox, an Israeli company in which Evonik has held shares since 2018, has also developed special ink formulations for digital printing on plastics, metal, and glass. These innovations reduce ink consumption, improve sustainability, and open up new scope for creativity in packaging design through the ability to apply high resolution images to surfaces.

Photo: Velox Ltd.

3d-printer prints miniature-cars

Additive manufacturing

3D printing now in series production

How Evonik is shaping the growing market for 3D printing and promoting the development of future-oriented technologies.

Senada Schaack

Additive manufacturing

The printed plant

Good for the environment and for cost-efficiency: Evonik is using plant components created by 3D printers to construct its own facilities.

Wai Yee Yeong


Improving patients’ quality of life

Wai Yee Yeong talks about the potential benefits of bioprinting for medicine.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing: Facts and figures

Overview: global demand, most used materials and key players.

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