Bright prospects:
Norway’s success is based on valuable raw materials, a knack for innovation—and smart investment

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This Scandinavian country is systematically investing its export earnings in future-oriented technologies. The Norwegian market offers Evonik numerous points of contact and attractive growth potential



The fjords of Norway offer more than just breathtaking views. They also make it possible to sustainably breed salmon, one of the country’s leading exports. In order to halt overfishing in the world’s oceans, Norway has been promoting salmon farming for years. Its fjords are ideal for salmon breeding, and the net cages offer the fish a natural environment. The salmon are well-fed thanks to Veramaris, a joint venture of Evonik and DSM that supplies omega-3 fatty acids derived from algae oil for fish food.

Electromobility: On Norway’s roads, electric vehicles are no longer an exotic species. Today half of the country’s newly registered vehicles are already powered by electricity. From 2025, no new gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles will be registered in Norway at all. Reaching this goal will require a sufficient number of charging stations and powerful lithium- ion batteries. Chemistry will play a crucial role. For example, AEROXIDE® from Evonik enhances the capacity, safety, and service life of batteries.

In late summer in Scandinavia, black and blue glints along forest paths signal that the berries on blueberry and currant bushes are ripe and ready to pick. Besides looking delectable, the berries are good for your health. Their natural colorants, called anthocyanins, have positive effects on the heart and the blood vessels. Evonik offers an extract of these berries as a diet supplement under the name of Medox®.

There’s no contradiction here: The Norwegians, who are used to minus temperatures, provide heat all over the world—as the third-largest exporters of natural gas. The gas is transported via pipelines that need to be especially robust. Polymers from Evonik play an important role in the production of these pipelines. They prevent corrosion and ensure that the natural gas can flow safely from A to B.

Norway is known as the country where skiing was born. The first modern-style skis were made in Telemark around 1860. Back then they were comparatively simple wooden boards. Today all winter sports equipment is full of high-tech materials. For example, polyamide 12 is a plastic that enables ski boots to withstand extreme stress conditions. And ROHACELL® rigid foam makes skis both resilient and lightweight. These are ideal prerequisites for a safe downhill run—the skier’s skills will take care of the rest.


Healthy nutrition is the focus of Evonik’s current operations in Norway: In the city of Sandnes, the Group produces MEDOX®. Norway is also important as a promising market. With its products Evonik is promoting Norway’s future viability in the areas of raw material extraction, technological innovation, and ultramodern infrastructure.

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