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Additive manufacturing has left its niche and is now expanding into the mass market. Where are the key players based and which materials and techniques do they use?

The global demand for 3D printing is increasing…

Market volume in billions of US$ from 2011 to 2023

Global demand for 3d-printing

...and is being served by a variety of players:

Focal areas of companies in the 3D printing sector, figures in percent, 2019

focal points of companies in 3d-sector

What you need for additive manufacturing: optimum materials…

The most commonly used materials for 3D printing at businesses: Percentages worldwide in 2018 (multiple mentions possible)

Most used materials for 3d-print in companies

…and appropriate technology

Selected 3D printing techniques at companies: Percentages worldwide in 2018

The USA is in the lead

Number of patents for 3D printing in selected countries, 2019

Countries with most 3d-printing-patents

Sources: Ernst & Young Global Limited, Statista


20TH MARCH 2020

Polyamide 12

Layer by Layer

The Belgians who work at Materialise are 3D printing pioneers. Polyamide 12 is giving shape to their vision.

Senada Schaack

Additive manufacturing

The printed plant

Good for the environment and for cost-efficiency: Evonik is using plant components created by 3D printers to construct its own facilities.

Wai Yee Yeong


Improving patients’ quality of life

Wai Yee Yeong talks about the potential benefits of bioprinting for medicine.

3d-printer prints miniature-cars

Additive manufacturing

3D printing now in series production

How Evonik is shaping the growing market for 3D printing and promoting the development of future-oriented technologies.

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