A Young Nation with a Long Tradition

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Slovakia is a small country, but its citizens are hugely enthusiastic about their homeland, including its popular sport of ice hockey, its natural landscapes, and its rebounding automotive industry.



There are more than 200 castles and palaces in Slovakia, a country that is smaller than the state of Bavaria. One of the best-known is Bratislava Castle, which towers high above the country’s capital of the same name and dominates the cityscape.

“Slovenskoo, heja, heja, heja, Slovenskoo”—that was the battle cry of the Slovakian fans who cheered their team to victory in the ice hockey World Cup in 2019, which was held in their home country. Ice hockey is Slovakia’s national sport. Fans are thrilled by the incredible dynamism and fast tempo of this hard-driving sport. The players can accelerate the puck to speeds as high as 170 kilometers per hour. The fact that the hockey sticks don’t break in the process and the players remain in full control is due to ROHACELL® from Evonik. But this high-performance foam can do even more: It also absorbs the impact energy. That enables the players to control their game more effectively and speed up the pace even more.

The automotive sector is the backbone of Slovakia’s economy. The country produces over one million vehicles per year. That’s about 190 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants—more than any other country in the world. The automotive sector accounts for 44 percent of Slovakia’s total industrial production and 40 percent of its industrial exports. More than 145,000 jobs directly depend on this sector. Automotive coating additives from Evonik not only give the vehicles a glamorous sheen but also provide them with long-term protection. Rough treatment leaves no marks, and raindrops simply bounce off.

With nine national parks, the majestic peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, and mysterious ravines, Slovakia is a paradise for hikers. About 40 percent of the country is covered by forests. Visitors who want to explore these natural landscapes must be able to rely on their equipment. Through its innovative plastics solutions, Evonik is bringing more sustainability into the sports industry. The bio-based polyamide VESTAMID® Terra is popular not only because of its environmental advantage but also because it protects equipment from impacts and cracking due to cold and wet weather. That’s why it’s ideal for items such as all-weather buckles on hiking rucksacks.

Every region of Slovakia is proud of its own folklore. Whether it’s traditional costumes, music, customs, dances or dialects, many traditions have been preserved until the present day and are on show at folk festivals. Traditional hairstyles are part of the picture. Evonik’s RHEANCE® One is a contribution to gentle and effective hair care. The fermentation process that is required for the production of RHEANCE® One takes place at the Evonik facility in Slovenská L’upča.

Evonik locations
1 Bratislava
2 Slovenská Ľupča

Evonik locations
1 Bratislava
2 Slovenská Ľupča

Sustainably successful

Since 1993, Slovakia has been a key location for Evonik’s industrial fermentation processes for new products. The trend toward sustainability, whether it’s in animal nutrition or in the cosmetics industry, has benefited the facility in Slovenská Ľupča. Recently the Group has also begun to cooperate with the startup Modern Meadow on activities there for the production of artificial leather.

Evonik locations have




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30th April 2020

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