USA: Endless opportunities

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The United States of America is a pioneer regarding the major technologies of the future. It’s a country that thrives on its innovative power, coupled with the will to reinvent itself again and again. Evonik participates in shaping this continuous process of renewal at many locations



New York is a metropolis of superlatives. One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building in Manhattan are among the most famous skyscrapers. New construction is not only going skywards: Little Island at Pier 55, a park on piles that rises above the Hudson River, was opened last May. Its foundation is shielded by PROTECTOSIL®. This Evonik product prevents water from penetrating the concrete piles, thus safeguarding the stability of this unusual public park.

Firefighters sometimes put their lives on the line in order to put out forest fires—such as the Bobcat Fire in Angeles National Forest in California, photographed here in the fall of 2020. The dryness resulting from climate change is causing the increasing frequency of forest fires. Last year alone, 4.2 million hectares of land in California were devastated by forest fires—that’s more than four percent of the state’s total area. In their battle against the flames, firefighters depend on good protective clothing. High-performance polyimide fibers from Evonik ensure strong resistance. They form a barrier layer that protects against heat, while allowing the skin to breathe.

For combating a pandemic, resolute action is required. When the first vaccines against COVID-19 became available in early 2021, the rallying cry in the USA was “Vaccinate as fast as possible—and wherever possible!” So Americans received the lifesaving jabs in supermarkets and football stadiums or directly in their own cars—for example, at this drive-through vaccination center in Orlando, Florida. In addition to vaccines based on traditional methods, mRNA vaccines are also being used. Evonik supplies essential lipid nanoparticles for transporting these vaccines into human cells.

In communities throughout the country’s southern states, especially Louisiana, the start of the crawfish season is celebrated with a traditional shared meal known as a “crawfish boil.” The crawfish are cooked in a broth based on fresh vegetables and seasoned with a tangy combination of Cajun spices. To make sure the recipe is a success, it’s essential that the spices that are used can be stored for a long time. Silicas from Evonik guarantee a long shelf life, and even in small amounts they make sure the spices remain free-flowing instead of clumping together.

Continuing an old Western tradition, cowboys drive their cattle across the dry prairie in Colorado. Neither people nor animals feel bothered by the new wind turbines. Facilities such as these already supply many US households with sustainable electricity. At the same time, the expansion of renewable energy sources is being pushed forward throughout the entire country. Evonik is a supporter of this energy transition “made in the USA.” Adhesion promoters such as DYNASYLAN® improve the rotor blades’ mechanical properties, and the crosslinker VESTAMIN® keeps them robust for a long time. They won’t break even in strong autumn storms.


Evonik has more locations in the United States of America than in any other country in the world. For good reason: It supplies products to diverse sectors in the US market, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to automakers, electrical goods manufacturers, and the agricultural industry. Evonik’s US headquarters are in Parsippany, New Jersey, and its biggest plant is in Mobile, Alabama, where the company has operated since the 1970s.



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