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“A Piece of Clothing That’s an Extension of the Skin”

“Caress OF THE GAZE” is the name of this piece of clothing created by the designer Behnaz Farahi. It’s not only an eyecatcher —it also reacts to the observer’s gaze. That’s because a tiny eye-track camera inside it records the observer’s angle of vision and aligns the spiky fibers accordingly. The fibers, which were made via 3D printing, are sure to pique people’s curiosity

Source: The designer Behnaz Farahi (Model: Alexis Hutt)


“The World’s Smallest 3D Ballpoint Pen”

The LIX PEN looks like a pencil, but it’s actually a miniature 3D printer. The plastic that is melted
inside it cools off and hardens as soon as it leaves the pen. In the future, artists can use the Lix pen to “draw” three-dimensional works in space

Source: Lix Pen Ltd.


“The Bridge Embodies the Endless Potential of 3D Printing”

THE PRINTING ROBOTS of the Dutch startup MX3D have successfully built the world’s first bridge via 3D printing in only six months. Starting in 2019, this steel construction, which weighs 4,500 kilograms, will span a gracht in Amsterdam —a symbol of technical progress in one of Europe’s most popular historical city centers

Quelle: Tim Geurtjens, CTO von MX3D


“A Revolution in Architecture”

MASSIMILIANO LOCATELLI wants to get people excited about houses made by a 3D printer. At this year’s Design Week in Milan, the Italian architect used his time constructively. He had an assembly robot additively manufacture a complete house —thus demonstrating that the future of construction has already arrived

Source: Massimiliano Locatelli


11 July 2018

Polyamide 12

Layer by Layer

The Belgians who work at Materialise are 3D printing pioneers. Polyamide 12 is giving shape to their vision.

Lightweight and resilient

Multi-talented plastic

Lighter than steel, flexible, corrosion-resistant: three reasons for the success of polyamide 12, underground and in your car.


These products contain polyamide 12

One basic substance, countless applications— additives give polyamide 12 the attributes it needs for a variety of purposes.

In my element

"Our molecule will make it in the textbooks"

How chemist Moritz Malischewski discovered a whole new side to carbon.

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