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Some innovations are especially effective when they are used in a certain location. Evonik operates in 100 countries all over the globe. In this section we report on the close connections between innovations and places.

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South Africa

Hardly any other African economy is growing as fast as that of the Rainbow Nation – a future market.

Evonik Country


This country of lakes and forests has the world’s tenth-largest economy. A portrait.

Evonik Country


Brazil is a land of superlatives that offers many opportunities – but also many challenges.


Separate Ways

High-tech membranes help to exploit natural gas fields with a high CO₂ content.

Facts & Figures

Innovation Hubs

Apart from Silicon Valley, where are the world’s most important innovation hotspots?


The City That Constantly Reinvents Itself

Visiting a small island state with great ambitions.


Especially Resilient

Lighter than steel, flexible, and corrosion-resistant: three reasons for the success of polyamide 12.


From Gas Pipe to Sport Shoe

Additives give polyamide 12 a variety of features.

Facts & Figures

Environmental pioneers and nuclear power users

Every country needs energy. A look at how other countries generate electricity.

Evonik Country


Between tradition and progress: Life in India is marked by cultural diversity.

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