Research & Innovation

The researchers at Evonik are looking for innovative solutions as well as innovative ideas. That’s why they spend every day searching for potential products and new directions for development. We report on the latest research activities in chemistry and related disciplines.


Tomorrow’s Beauty Care

Only the best for the beauty sector: How to make discriminating customers happy.


Protecting the Skin

Our skin protects us from environmental effects. But what protects our skin? New active ingredients that promote detoxification, for example.


Green Force

Plants defend themselves against frost and hungry parasites—and attract the interest of the cosmetics industry.


Heat Is Power

In industrial plants and households, energy is being lost everywhere in the form of waste heat.


Getting safely to the Destination

How liposomes play a key role in cancer therapy by transporting ribonucleic acids to the affected cells.


Transport without Side Effects

Drug Delivery – über die Kunst, Arzneistoffe im Körper punktgenau an ihr Ziel zu bringen.


How Medications Enter the Body

The pathways are well known, but the “chemical packaging” and the navigation to specific targets are becoming ever more precise.


The new formula C4

Absolutely unique: Evonik is using an award-winning purification process to make the refinery byproduct FCC-C4 a useful raw material.


Layer by Layer

The Belgians who work at Materialise are pioneers in their sector. Polyamide 12 is giving shape to their vision of the 3D printing of the future.

Data Mining

Talented Crude

Facts about the biggest fossil energy carrier: Who extracts how much, and what is made from it?

Artificial Leather

Better Than Real

New additives make artificial leather softer, more robust, and increasingly similar to real leather—and make its production more environmentally friendly.

Data Mining

Brilliant Bones

Bone-dry facts about the components of the human skeleton.

Projekt Rheticus

Electrified Chemistry

Evonik and Siemens produce specialty chemicals from electricity and carbon dioxide with the help of electrolysis and bacteria.

Medical Devices

Healing bones with polymers

The Medical Devices Project House is developing materials that support bone healing and make follow-up operations unnecessary.


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