Hands under nylon structure

Artificial Tissue

Skin Deep

Effective tissue repair: At the Tissue Engineering Project House, researchers are working to develop materials for producing artificial skin.

Zee Upton

Evonik Meets Science

Progress through collaboration

The biochemist Zee Upton explains how both sides benefit when Evonik experts meet up with scientists.

Exudation phase illustration

How wounds heal

An emergency team that gets under your skin

How the human body heals wounds on its own—and how research supports this process.

Küsthardt Kolumne


More entrepreneurial spirit!

Chief Innovation Officer Ulrich Küsthardt calls for a stronger startup culture in companies.

From the sections
Research and Innovation
Science that fascinates—we report on the latest research and innovations in chemistry and related disciplines.
Markets and Regions
Evonik operates in 100 countries all over the globe. In this section we show how the future is being invented in these locations—and why it’s happening there.
People and Visions
Innovations don’t emerge from a vacuum. They are born inside our heads. A report about people who promote their visions with passion.
Opinion and Debate
Progress becomes possible when we criticize the world as it is. That’s why we offer this space for exciting debates—and controversial positions.
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Knowledge Storage

Issues of Elements in the archive

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