Research & Innovation

Hightech Membranes from Lake Atter

Membranes that could revolutionize the processing of natural gas are being made from polymer fibers in the municipality of Schörfling in Upper Austria. A factory visit.

Markets & Regions

Separate Ways

High-tech membranes from Austria help to exploit natural gas fields with a high CO₂ content.

The(is) Future

Short trips into the future

Björn Theis is a foresight manager and researches the future. In his column he writes about disruptive technologies, visionaries, and places where the future is being “made”.

From the sections

Analysis and Classification
Elements has four sections that provide an insight into the world of specialty chemicals: Research & Innovation, Markets & Regions, People & Visions, and Opinion & Debate. The reports classify developments and indicate opportunities for the future—always current, articulate, and international.

An overview of the dossiers

Concentrated information: Our dossiers bring together everything worth knowing about the main themes of ELEMENTS—clearly and concisely.


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