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The water cycle shapes all life on earth. But this precious resource is threatened by human activity and climate change. Smart water management and technological solutions can bring about a positive transformation.

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Graphene boosts lithium-ion batteries

With the help of few-layer graphene, the startup Super C is boosting the power of lithium-ion batteries.

Evonik Country

New Zealand: Cloud Warriors

On this small island in the southwest Pacific, you can find countless sheep and abundant kiwifruit—and Evonik. A trip in pictures.


Longer life for fruits and vegetables

How Deepak Rajmohan makes use of the natural defense mechanisms of fruits and vegetables to prolong their storage life.

In my element

“I’m reaching for the stars”

Using deuterium and tritium, nuclear engineer and physicist Dr. Andrea Kritcher wants to achieve sustainable nuclear fusion.

Steel production

Green steel thanks to ammonia

A German research team sees ammonia as a promising alternative to fossil reducing agents.


Perspectives in overview

Research for a better future: Our Perspectives illuminates pioneering ideas and innovations from around the world.

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Reports, interviews, and graphics: Our dossiers bring together everything worth knowing about the main themes of ELEMENTS.

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Research and Innovation
Science that fascinates—we report on the latest research and innovations in chemistry and related disciplines.
Markets and Regions
Evonik operates in 100 countries all over the globe. In this section we show how the future is being invented in these locations—and why it’s happening there.
People and Visions
Innovations don’t emerge from a vacuum. They are born inside our heads. A report about people who promote their visions with passion.
Opinion and Debate
Progress becomes possible when we criticize the world as it is. That’s why we offer this space for exciting debates—and controversial positions.

Brain Drops

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