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“Doubt is the father of invention” is a saying that has been attributed to Galileo Galilei. Constructive doubt and critical questioning are the activities that make innovations possible. And both of them require open exchange of ideas. Here you can find controvertial debates and incisive commentaries.

Christian Kullmann, Evonik-CEO

Climate protection

Innovations instead of restrictions

Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann is counting on the power of innovation to tackle the challenge of climate change.

Johann-Caspar Gammelin

Food production

New directions for sustainable food production

Johann-Caspar Gammelin advocates sustainable food production through intelligent innovations.

Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein


How to succeed at sustainable agriculture

Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein explains the steps to make organic farming possible.

Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann


The EU must become bolder to stay strong

EU election 2019: Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann considers the consequences and opportunities.


Innovation culture

Investment in long-term innovations

Creavis Managing Director Prof. Stefan Buchholz about new ideas and the role of distance or closeness to the parent company.

Küsthardt Kolumne


More entrepreneurial spirit!

Chief Innovation Officer Ulrich Küsthardt calls for a stronger startup culture in companies.


The state of Germany's economy

Praise and criticism: A US and a French economist talk about Germany as an industrial location.

Interview with ESA Director General

How we benefit from space travel

Jan Wörner on the race for space, eco-friendly fuels—and the inspirational power of space travel.

Christian Kullmann

Coal exit

Christian Kullmann on the energy transition

Evonik Industries CEO Christian Kullmann takes a stand regarding a major political project.

The(is) Future

Digital commuters

Virtual reality is being introduced into the world of work. Foresight Manager Björn Theis uses eXp Realty to explain what will change as a result.

Climate Change

More efficiency for climate protection

Despite many setbacks, an increase in energy efficiency is still the most viable way to limit the effects of global warming.

Renewable sources of energy

How to Connect Sectors

In the future, heating, mobility, and electricity must be linked more closely together—with chemistry playing a key role.

Innovation culture

The basis for Singapore's success

Dr. Küsthardt, Evonik’s Chief Innovation Officer, analyzes Singapore’s success and the resulting opportunities for Germany.

The(is) Future

Short trips into the future

Foresight manager Björn Theis writes in his column about disruptive technologies, visionaries, and places where the future is being “made”.


Digitalization harbors many opportunities

His carrer has been a mix of mobility and digitalization: Jens Monsees, the former Google executive who now heads digital strategy at BMW.

Chemical industry

Start-ups and Spin-offs

The chemical researcher Prof. Wendelin Stark talks about disruption and startups.


Christian Kullmann on tax cuts

Christian Kullmann, CEO of Evonik Industries, urges European countries to harmonize corporate taxes.

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