Markets & Regions

Some innovations are especially effective when they are used in a certain location. Evonik operates in 100 countries all over the globe. In this section we report on the close connections between innovations and places.


Lithium in figures

Whether for batteries or ceramics, the global economy requires lithium for its production processes. However, the demand is high—as is the price.


3D-printed medications

Efficient production, fewer side effects: Together with Evonik, a US startup is creating new possibilities for pharmaceutical production.

Evonik Country

Belgium: An anchorage for traditions

From the international port of Antwerp to the French fries stands in Brussels: Impressions from the Evonik country Belgium.


Geoengineering: When people control the weather

Are targeted interventions in the earth’s geochemical and biochemical cycles the key to mankind's survival?


Facing the future with closure

The future of medicine: Evonik and a US startup are jointly developing an innovative sternal closure.

Evonik Country

Singapore: A spectacular city-state

Technical innovation, top-notch cuisine, and a green thumb: Singapore is world-famous—and is home to six Evonik facilities.

Evonik Country

Italy: Constant change

From the historic city center of Bergamo to the Formula One race track in Monza and on to Rome: a visual journey through Italy.


Synthetic skin instead of animal tests

The startup Revivo has developed a model that imitates the skin’s reaction to ingredients in creams and cosmetics.

Construction materials

Cement: Facts and figures

Cement is a basic component of concrete that is in demand all over the world. Billions of tons of it are produced annually.

Evonik Country

Austria: Toward new horizons

Austria’s attractions include magnificent mountain landscapes, classical culture, and innovative companies.


Start-up culture

The world's most innovative places

Apart from Silicon Valley, where are the world’s innovation hotspots that offer startups a fertile environment?

Norway's fjords

Evonik Country


Norway is an innovation-driven country and a leading exporter – a promising market for Evonik.


High-precision digital printing

The Israeli startup Velox, in which Evonik has held shares since 2018, has developed an especially innovative printing process.

Evonik country

Indonesia: An island nation of superlatives

Almost 270 million people live in Indonesia. A journey through the country with the world’s fourth-largest population.

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