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The researchers at Evonik are looking for innovative solutions as well as innovative ideas. That’s why they spend every day searching for potential products and new directions for development. We report on the latest research activities in chemistry and related disciplines.

The microbiome

Health begins in the gut

In good company: The microbiome consists of countless bacteria that are crucial for our health.

The microbiome

Influencers in the gut

The microbiome protects us from diseases—but how does this work? And how do synbiotics and probiotics promote gut health?


Real or digital

The startup Element Analytics has developed a digital twin that represents real conditions in production plants.

Space travel

A lubricant for space

Researchers in Vienna have discovered that the dry lubricants called MXenes work reliably under extreme conditions – such as those in space.


Lignin: a natural talent

Lignin has long been considered a waste product of papermaking. Yet the biopolymer has great potential.

High-performance fibers

A coating that sends a heat warning

Swiss researchers have developed a coating for high-performance fibers that turns white when subjected to heat.

Drug delivery

Transportation via polymers

Evonik and Stanford University are cooperating in a search for new carrier substances for mRNA vaccines.


Milestones of research

A look back at almost 350 years of biotechnology—from the beginnings of microscopy to the discovery of DNA and genetic scissors.


The green revolution

Undreamed-of opportunities: Biotechnology has a long history and is one of the key sciences of the 21st century.

Animal nutrition

Insects as animal feed

The larvae of the black soldier fly are packed full of protein – and offer a source of hope for climate and environmental protection.


Cheese without cows

In the future, dairy products could be manufactured without any components of animal origin through fermentation by microorganisms.


Turning emissions into raw materials

Evonik researchers are working to use emissions of the steel industry for the production of plastic.



Long live plastic

Evonik researchers are working to develop a process for chemical recycling that will make it possible to recycle PET plastic waste.


The plastic cycle

On the path to achieving a true circular economy: Evonik is working on innovative processes in order to reduce plastic waste.

Medical history

200 years of vaccination

Vaccination saves lives. A look back at over 200 years of successful struggle against viruses, bacteria, and deadly diseases.

Collagen production

A versatile helper

A biotechnological breakthrough: A new type of platform makes it possible to manufacture different collagens by means of fermentation.


Reliable Transport

Special protection vehicle: Lipid nanoparticles envelop mRNA vaccines and enable their passage through the cell membrane.


Robust and fast-dissolving

ODTs are practical, but they crumble easily. The auxiliary material RXCIPIENTS improves their properties.

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