In my Element

“I would like to get people hooked on physics”

Matthias Salewski is not only a researcher, but also an entertainer. Important for his shows: nitrogen.

Evonik Digital

Close to Core Business

Henrik Hahn, Evonik’s Chief Digital Officer, talks about the role played by digitalization in the chemical industry.

Corporate Foresight

Extreme Extremities

How can thoughts control a prosthesis? Polymers are becoming the “connectors” between human beings and prostheses. A look at the future.

Corporate Foresight

Cadmium and Nickel

A visionary approach: Can plants absorb harmful substances and thus detoxify soil?


3D Printing

Masterpieces of 3D printing—from smart fashion to 3D pens and whole houses and bridges.


Good Ideas

Introducing a “Biotech Queen” from India, a “digital Gyro Gearloose,” and an inventor who helps people with dementia.


“We’re Harvesting Renewable Forms of Energy”

Prof. Leitner is investigating innovative methods of storing electricity from renewable sources.

Corporate Foresight

Smart Fabrics

Evonik will help future fashion to do more than keeping us warm and looking good. Will we soon have smart fabrics equipped with poison detectors?

Evonik Digital

Digital Pacemakers

The new subsidiary Evonik Digital GmbH is reinforcing digitalization within the Group. A visit to an agile think tank.


Visions of the Future

Find out why Astro Teller celebrates failed projects and how the robots Bina48 and YuMi get close to human beings.

In my Element

“My Fate Depends on Hydrogen”

Kurt Frieden enjoys the peace and quiet as the lightest element on earth carries him through the skies.

In my Element

“How We Discovered Darmstadtium”

The nuclear physicist Prof. Sigurd Hofmann on a new element that he was allowed to name after his home town.

In my Element

“Gold was created in outer space”

This precious metal lies deep underground, but it originated in the depths of space. How? Professor Stephan Rosswog explains.

In my Element

A Molecule for the Textbooks

Finding a long-sought proof: Moritz Malischewski has revolutionized our basic knowledge about carbon.

Evonik Elements Edition 02 2019

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