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A huge amount of water passes through Evonik’s plants every year. By far the largest part of it is recirculated, and practically all of the rest is returned to the bodies of water from which it originates. Almost no water is lost

publication date20th October 2023


Read on the same subject: Evonik-Strategies for saving water


17th October 2023

Read on the same subject: Evonik-Strategies for saving water


Extremely useful

From power storage to aviation: Where hydrogen could play a major role in the future—and where it’s already being used today.


The plastic cycle

On the path to achieving a true circular economy: Evonik is working on innovative processes in order to reduce plastic waste.

Water management

Unevenly distributed water

The climate crisis is also a water crisis. What solutions already exist and where new approaches are needed.

Water solutions

Evonik: Strategies for saving water

From Belgium to Thailand, Evonik uses a wide range of strategies worldwide to conserve water, a valuable resource.

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