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“Doubt is the father of invention” is a saying that has been attributed to Galileo Galilei. Constructive doubt and critical questioning are the activities that make innovations possible. And both of them require open exchange of ideas. Here you can find controvertial debates and incisive commentaries.


"Forward to the Moon"

ESA Director General Jan Wörner talks about the race for space and the inspirational power of space travel.


It's high time for a change

Researching companies receive tax incentives all over the world — but not in Germany.


Phasing out Coal without Ideology

Evonik Industries CEO Christian Kullmann takes a stand regarding a major political project.


A Plea for Increased Efficiency

To hold back global climate change, we need one thing above all: increased energy efficiency. How can that work in practice?


„Research requires Freedom“

Creavis Managing Director Prof. Stefan Buchholz talks about the development of good ideas and the role of distance and proximity to the parent company


Are Major Companies Going Extinct?

The chemical researcher Prof. Wendelin Stark talks about disruption and startups.


Germany is living on its Capital

Praise and criticism: A US and a French economist talk about Germany as an industrial location.


Success through Clear Planning

Dr. Ulrich Küsthardt analyzes the success of the small city-state.


“Google Can’t Work Miracles”

Jens Monsees, Digital Director of BMW, talks about the opportunities of digitalisation for the German industry.


How to Connect Sectors

In the future, heating, mobility, and electricity must be linked more closely together—with chemistry playing a key role.


A commentary on the USA’s tax policy

Evonik CEO Christian Kullmann urges Europe to harmonize corporate taxes.

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