Water as a resource: distribution, costs, availability

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Water is distributed extremely unequally throughout the world. Where is this resource available in abundance, and where is it scarce? Who wastes it, and who uses it sparingly? And how much does this important raw material cost? A numerical overview

publication date14TH August 2023


Water in abundance
The ten countries with the biggest reserves of renewable freshwater* in 2020, in billions of cubic meters (compared with Germany)

* Balance of rainfall, evaporation, inflows and outflows
Wasting or saving
Annual per capita water consumption of selected countries in 2021** in cubic meters

Thirsty agriculture

Water consumption by sector and continent 2015, in percent

Where the water stress is highest

Proportion of the water abstracted from renewable water sources 2018, in percent

Various calculations

The price of tapwater in selected cities in 2020, in € per cubic meter

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Sources: OECD, FAO, World Bank, holidu.de


13th August 2023

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