In order to get things moving, we need people with good ideas. Because they already know today where we should be heading in the future




In order to get things moving, we need people with good ideas. Because they already know today where we should be heading in the future




»I Wanted to Exploit the Potential of Technology for a Good Cause.«

Julia Danckwerth is a 32-year-old designer who is helping to improve the quality of life for people with dementia. She has developed “spur,” a system of tiny sensors that are attached inside pieces of clothing. Thanks to these digital helpers, people with dementia can be located at any time by relatives or caregivers by means of an app or a receiving device. In addition, the sensors automatically sound an alarm if the person falls down or has gotten lost. It’s an innovation that relieves many fears and anxieties.

Source: Julia Danckwerth


»A Failure is Temporary. Giving Up Is Permanent.«

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw actually wanted to become a master brewer, but she couldn’t find a job. Instead, she founded her own company, Biocon India, in 1978, when she was 25 years old. It was located in her garage, with starting capital of US$250. In the decades since then, it has developed into India’s biggest biotechnology group — and Mazumdar-Shaw has become the country’s richest woman. The “Biotech Queen” is fighting the civilization diseases of our time. Her company is a pioneer in the development of drugs for treating cancer and diabetes. Mazumdar-Shaw, who is now 65, is also an advocate for poor people’s improved access to medicine. Looking back, it’s a stroke of luck that she had to swear off beer.

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»You Don’t Need Lipstick. Lipstick Needs You.«

Moj Mahdara reinvented the US beauty trade fair Beautycon four years ago. When she took it over as its CEO, it was an exclusive event for YouTubers. Mahdara transformed it into a mass event and a platform for the latest trends. This year it attracted visitors with ads promoting the self-confident use of lipstick. “Out there is a new generation of talented young people who are completely redefining what we perceive as beautiful,” says Mahdara, an American with Iranian roots. Under her leadership, Beautycon is reversing relationships: Big companies used to launch beauty trends through their campaigns—but now they are tracing these trends to Mahdara’s trade fair.

Source: The official slogan of Beautycon 2018


»Inventions Are Spurred by Frustration and Curiosity.«

Tony Fadell is a Gyro Gearloose of the digital age. He’s a US computer engineer who is known as the “father of the iPod” and was also one of the developers of the iPhone. After departing from Apple, he developed smart room thermostats at his own company, Nest, which he sold to Google a few years ago. Today Fadell, who is now 49, criticizes some of the spirits he has conjured up. He recently expressed his concern about smartphone addiction — a warning that may show he’s still ahead of his time.

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