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The world of science is full of good ideas, inspirations, and innovations. Our Perspectives directs the gaze at pioneering research work being carried out around the world. Photo: Colin Anderson/

The world of science is full of good ideas, inspirations, and innovations. Our Perspectives directs the gaze at pioneering research work being carried out around the world. Photo: Colin Anderson/


Biopolymers against knee pain

Instead of opioids, startup Allay Therapeutics uses implants made of polymers to relieve pain after knee surgery.

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Curing diseases with clothing

Dr. Aldo Faisal uses smart clothing and AI to be able to better monitor and diagnose neurological conditions.


Technical fibers of the future

Technical fibers made from petroleum have long been obsolete. Dr. Boris Marx has developed a material made of biopolymers.


A circular economy for pantyhose

Whether dealing with fishing nets or pantyhose, a catalyst based on rare earths now enables polyamide 6 to be recycled.

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Biodegradable paper batteries

Reducing electrical waste: Gustav Nyström is working on an environmentally friendly battery.


Artificial leaf produces sustainable fuel

Virgil Andrei talks about producing fuel from the sun and water and his passion for sustainable research.


Sunlight heals scratches in paintwork

How can damage to car paint simply disappear after 30 minutes? The key element for this is a novel coating resin.


Green transport for green hydrogen

Eco-friendly transport: The thermoplastic composite pipe technology brings raw materials to their destination.

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Green hydrogen from slurry

This is how Professor Victor Hacker produces ultrapure compressed hydrogen efficiently and ensures that it is widely available.


A shell that prevents icing

Inspired by nature: Why the bionics specialist Dr. Konrad Meister believes that scallop shells are a model for cold-resistant materials.

Energy storage systems

A long life for batteries

How long does a smartphone battery last? US researchers are now able to make precise forecasts.


3D-printed medications

Efficient production, fewer side effects: Together with Evonik, a US startup is creating new possibilities for pharmaceutical production.


Artificial intelligence as a key for biotechnology

Artificial intelligence in biotechnology—digitalization as a key for the future.

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Sugar as a fuel for cars

Cars that run on sugar? Biological scientist Dr. Zhen Wang reveals how that might work.


Facing the future with closure

The future of medicine: Evonik and a US startup are jointly developing an innovative sternal closure.

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Fish fillets from the lab

Sebastian Rakers, the co-founder and CEO of the startup Bluu Biosciences, talks about the development and potential of in-vitro fish fillets.


A favorable carbon footprint for the construction industry

A Swiss startup shows how the carbon footprint of the construction industry can be improved in the future.


Hydrocarbons from algae

Naomi Harada is researching a species of algae whose properties can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.


Synthetic skin instead of animal tests

The startup Revivo has developed a model that imitates the skin’s reaction to ingredients in creams and cosmetics.


Crop residues for the fuel tank

Corn, wheat, straw, and millet: Researchers in the USA have found a way to produce ethanol from crop residues.

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Bacteria that eat plastic

Peter Deines from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research explains how bacterial strains recycle plastic in the ocean.


Real or digital

The startup Element Analytics has developed a digital twin that represents real conditions in production plants.

Space travel

A lubricant for space

Researchers in Vienna have discovered that the dry lubricants called MXenes work reliably under extreme conditions – such as those in space.


Biofuel made of wood waste

Her work protects the climate and forests: Carolina Barcelos has developed a process for transforming biological waste into fuel.


High-precision digital printing

The Israeli startup Velox, in which Evonik has held shares since 2018, has developed an especially innovative printing process.

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Bio-ethanol from apple residues

Doreen Kaiser explains the special potential held by press residues from apple juice production.

High-performance fibers

A coating that sends a heat warning

A coating for high-performance fibers turns white when it is subjected to excessively high temperatures.

The circular economy

Transformation with light energy

Alexandra Tavasoli has developed a process that transforms carbon dioxide and organic waste into new chemicals.


Of chicken eggs and Antarctic vegetables

A researcher is growing vegetables in the Antarctic, Europe is producing less waste, and 3D printing keeps on growing.


Of precious liquids and distant planets

What role are chemical elements playing in the investigation of outer space? How can peptides be produced sustainably?


Of plant sensors and protective tattoos

Could tattoos help to protect against the sun? Will algorithms be able to predict the results of chemical reactions?

Modern Meadow, leather-like-material


On solar recycling and cooling with wood

Vegan imitation leather, CO2 storage units on truck roofs, and plastic recycling by means of sunlight: Innovations from research.


Of effervescent tablets and printed steaks

Is the 3D printer soon going to be serving steaks? Does blockchain make food safer? And which country is home to the most vegetarians?

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